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About John



John has always loved food and art. Combining the two was as natural to him as nature. He grew up in a traditional Italian family with his mother always cooking. His  father and  his Grandfather owned  and operated  Gargones Italian Bakery for many years in the Pocono Mountians, Pennsylvania. John noticed at a very early age the smiles and excitement of the patrons. Even before they entered people would stand in front of the plate glass window of the bakery and just be delighted at the beautifully presented deserts.

John was always drawing or sculpting and loved to create art then one day he read an article in the local paper a Chef was quoted as saying that people eat with their eyes. Immediately John contacted the Chef at Fred Warings Shawnee Inn and took a position as a steward in hopes of learning the culinary arts.            


Since 1972 John Gargone has strived to learn all he could in the culinary field. Beginning at Fred Waring,s Shawnee Inn, located in the Pocono Mountains Pa. John was mentored by 2 outstanding Swiss and German C.E.C. Chefs.  After learning all he could, John began to seek out other quality Chefs throughout the U.S.A. Since then John has been employed in Atlantic City and Las Vegas Hotels, New Orleans and Lake Michigan’s Private Clubs, and Resorts, Scottsdale Arizona, Carmel Valley, La Quinta, and Palm Springs in California in specialty restaurants, Country Clubs and Hotels, where he orchestrated or was involved in many grand openings and extravaganzas. The positions John has held include Executive Chef, Exhibition Chef, Chef Garde Manger, Ice Carver, Resident Chef/Artist, Banquet Chef, Meat Cutter, Saucier and line cook.


John has always enjoyed teaching and sharing his knowledge with other food service personal and they in turn would share their culinary secrets with him.

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