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Food Art Platters are unique, they are crafted specifically to fit your needs. You select the products and platter or mirror to your taste and space availability. John will will create his masterpiece at your locaiion. Add a centerpiece to your food display, buffet table or on your table for two to mark the occaision and set the mood . 


Hors doeuvres Unique
Fresh made Canapes and hot hors d oeuvres  
Cherry tomatoes with basil mousse
Standing salami horns with melon ball
Celery diamonds rouquerfort
Angeled Eggs - Cuecumber pockets rondell
Lox and creamcheese rose on toast round
Lox and caper cheese pinwheels
Roast beef and creamed horseradish rolls
Quail eggs and caviar in pastry shell
Caviar ice soccle bars to include seived egg white and yolk, minced red onion, sour cream, fresh ground black pepper and  melba toast ent.


Deli Art

Your favorite deli meats transformed into edible works of art, garnished with an array of  hand carved vegtables. Bologna to black forest ham,

you won`t find any rolled deli meats here.

Platters feed 25 to 100. 



Masterpiece in Cheese

Beyond the traditional international cheese display, these presentations can transform your favorite cheese into a masterpiece suitable for framing. Designed to your taste you select the cheeses and we will do the rest.


Fruit Fantasia

Peeled, sliced and presented in many different ways. Add a centerpiece from our edible sculpture gallery or create your own centerpiece for this platter, have your name carved 3 dimensionally from melon to personalize it. Heart shaped presentations, Many different melon carvings.


Vegetables Apeeling

Colorful crafted works of art will astound everyone. Fresh carved vegetables displayed in many different arrangements. You select the vegetables and we will craft yiu a work of art. Heart shaped designs are also available.


 Contact Chef John Gargone 540-641-1934

  Copyright 1996 - 2022  Food Art; Garnishing Made Easy   All Rights Reserved. All content including the creation and implementation of edible art. this sites design, and products within. videos, camera work and editing are all created and prepared personally by Chef. Artist, Author John V Gargone. All content is available to be shared free "non profit"to stimulate the imagination.

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