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Food Art Garnishing Made Easy

Finger sandwiches food display
Finger Sandwiches for a Jewelry Show

Cooking classes flambe
Always have fun teaching how to cook

One thing we have in common is everyone likes flavor. Never forget the "Main Product" is the star of the plate. Any additions must complement the main attraction. Enhance but never overwhelm the star. All cuisines demand finesse in preparation.

A Great cook must be passionate about all ingredients not just new and exotic products. He or she must master the techniques and methods of cooking before truly great food can be created.

A great cook must develop his taste to the majority of his guests taste. A person brought up on cajun may not enjoy California fresh but a skilled cook can create a dish that will please both. The cook should have a broad pallet of flavors. It is up to us to please all of our guests! After all that is why we cook

Our Purpose

To stimulate your imagination. Chef Gargone has traveled the USA and has been employed by many fine dining establishments from Restaurants to Casinos, Country Clubs to Resorts. In his quest and passion for knowledge John devoted many years to the food service industry and has mastered every cooking station. Chef John developed his style to create art from food that was labor efficient and could be utilized daily. Best of all, anybody can learn his basic methods to garnish foods.

Please feel free to browse and save any photos for your reference. It is strictly forbidden to use any information here for commercial gain purposes without the written consent of John Gargone.

Chef John Says; Food is a fantastic medium to express yourself and to show the people in your life how much you care. Food has all the colors of a painter pallet and with all the different shapes, textures and flavors your edible art can stimulate all of the senses such as taste, touch, smell, site and even sound like the sounds of cooking or the family gathering. Your food if well prepared can bring a sense of fulfillment, peace from within and even heal the body. Almost every natural ingredient has a medicinal value if the food is prepared correctly.

Food also stimulates emotions. Great food that reminds of someone close may even make you cry. Great food flavors stay in our memory forever. Bad food can make you angry, Whimsically prepared, food can make you laugh. Artistically presented will leave you in awe!

Whoever prepares food needs to realize it is an honor and a privilege to cook for anyone.

The reality is that every time you prepare food for another person they are trusting you with essentially there LIFE! It is up to the cook to insure a safe, nutritious and tasty meal.

Food should not be prepared merely to please the cook or chef by utilizing ingredients that are exciting to handle or to create a flair in the menu description. The only criteria should be as follows. Top of the list must be "the CONSUMER" Get to know your guests to best determine how to please their tastes. All Chefs need to get out in the dining room on a daily basis to talk with your guests
2nd Food and labor cost. 3rd Cooks abilities. 4th Kitchen size and equipment. I put last on my list "Trendy products" Trends come and go but the classics are proven winners


 Contact Chef John Gargone 540-641-1934

  Copyright 1996 - 2022  Food Art; Garnishing Made Easy   All Rights Reserved. All content including the creation and implementation of edible art. this sites design, and products within. videos, camera work and editing are all created and prepared personally by Chef. Artist, Author John V Gargone. All content is available to be shared free "non profit"to stimulate the imagination.

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